Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dansk Fjord and Kongo Flatware Price Lists, 1960 and circa 1964 and How to Care for Fjord Flatware

Primary documentation is always useful when trying to figure out 20th century design.  I find it terrifically frustrating that a vast amount of printed information was produced but relatively little of it seems to be available for reference.  If I have it, I will share it! 

Above is a price list for Dansk's Fjord line of flatware, conveniently dated March 1960 (you can read my post on Fjord here).  Interesting that the prices are given in Danish kroner--Dansk was an American company and the flatware was made in Germany, but giving the price in a foreign currency certainly stressed the connection with popular Danish design.  At that time, the exchange rate was 6.89 kroner to the dollar, so the dinner knife listed would have been about $2.28. 

The second price list is not dated, but presumably a few years later (circa 1964?) as the price has gone up by nearly 30%.  Also curious (to me, at least) that the teak-handled Fjord and the nylon-handled Kongo were the same price.  I would have guessed that the plastic Kongo would have been less expensive than Fjord, with the imported teak handles.

I also have this hang tag for Fjord, which gives care instructions for the flatware.  Basically, don't put it in a dishwasher or let it soak in water and give it a little oil treatment now and then.  I use my Fjord every day!

I usually have some Fjord flatware and other Dansk pieces in my Etsy shop and I am always looking for more to buy.