Tuesday, July 15, 2014

White Chenille Bedspreads - Vintage Summer Bedding

As much as I love brightly colored chenille bedspreads and the crazy peacock spreads (like the ones in my post on caring for chenille bedspreads), I think all-white examples are my favorites.  Popular in the 1940s and '50s, these fuzzy bedspreads still look good today.
I'm pretty particular about the spreads I favor--some patterns are too fussy or twee for my taste.  I tend to gravitate to large-scale patterns, or geometrics, or those inspired by the ultimate sources for most chenilles--early American quilt patterns.  
With white spreads, you can get a lot of pattern and texture but still keep a crisp feel overall.  Someday when I have that beach house...chenilles in every room!

Switching out bedding is a great way to 'summerize' a room.  Chenille bedspreads vary in weight--more tufting makes a spread warmer, less tufting leaves more of the cotton sheeting exposed and creates a lighter weight spread.  You'll sometimes see some of these spreads called 'summer weight'.  Chenilles really do provide the perfect amount of warmth needed in the wee hours of summer nights.
I often have some chenilles for sale in my Etsy shop--you can check them out here.  And I am always looking to buy good examples!
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