Monday, March 18, 2013

Southwest Wool Serape Fragment in Orange with Paper Label

Sometimes I come across a piece I love, but don't necessarily know everything about.  Such as this lovely textile:
It is made of a very fine wool, in a deep orange with multicolored stripes.  Presumably Southwestern US or Mexico--but that is a pretty big category of textiles, and one about which I am pretty ignorant.  I love textiles and have a decent background in things like 18th century French silks, but this lovely thing is definitely outside my purview.

Given its narrow width (it measures 21 x 92 inches), I think it is half of a serape, the traditional blanket-like shawl of the Southwest region. The texture is very soft and the weight is very light (similar to Kashmir and French paisley shawls of the 19th century).
This has a paper label basted on one end. Looks old...ish?

So what is this thing?  Early to mid 20th century?  Rio Grande?  If you have any thoughts, please let me know!

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