Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dansk Teak Magazine Rack by Jens Quistgaard

Look what I found--a Dansk staved teak magazine rack designed by Jens Quistgaard.

The handle detaches so that it can pack flat.  The handle pegs in and does not pivot.  It takes some firm but gentle maneuvering to get the handle in to place (I confess there was a little cursing involved the first time I did it).  Indeed, there is an old repair at one end where a previous owner was not as delicate as they should have been.  You have to slide the handle straight in over the short edge, so that the pegs lock in from the underside.

The four-duck mark is branded on the underside. 

Interestingly, this piece differs from what appears to be a slightly earlier version of the design.
In this example, currently being offered by Dual Modern on 1stDibs, you can see the inset circle at the base of the handle where it joins the center section.  The handle also seems to pivot instead of snap straight in.  Dual’s example has the earlier football-shaped ‘Staved Teak’ mark. 

Whenever I see this sort of design change, I assume it was made for economy’s sake--the goal in business generally being to refine a design so that more money can be made faster.  This magazine rack had a relatively short production run, presumably from about 1958 to the early 1960s (and I have seen more of these racks with the earlier mark).  This piece listed in a 1959 Dansk catalogue (when it sold for $89.50), but my research stash is far from complete.  If you have additional information, please do share! 

I’m always looking to purchase nice Dansk pieces.  If you have some you are interested in parting with, please be in touch. 

More Dansk to come!

**I decided to list this in my shop--you can find it here.

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