Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yellowfish Trading Co. -- Hanalei, Kaua'i

Yellowfish Trading Co. in Hanalei
One of my favorite places to stop in Hanalei is the Yellowfish Trading Co., a small shop tucked in to the back of the Hanalei Center.  Yellowfish is filled with fun vintage pieces, Hawaiiana and nice gift items and books.  The shop has a really good feel to it and the mixed bag of stuff holds together well, like it all would have come from a plantation-style house in Hawaii in the years before statehood.  
Love the big green glass fishing float
I am looking for a nice map of Hawai'i...
The vintage pieces are, of course, my favorite.  Old paintings and postcards of Hawai’ian scenes, fun pottery vases and flower pots and yard after yard of floral barkcloth.
So much barkcloth!
I made a couple purchases at Yellowfish, then bought some yummy fish tacos at Tropical Taco and headed to the beach for lunch.   Have I mentioned that I love the north shore?   
A beach where I can sit in the shade!

Next up--Honolulu.

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